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Tretinoin over the counter canada. A California police officer has been fired after he drove his undercover car toward a group of high school students riding together on a school bus. A group of students told KNBC on Monday that the officer in response drove his unmarked patrol car towards the crowd after they threw their lunch in the air. SPONSORED "What happens when you bring a policeman into our school and you're not even allowed to be students?" a 17-year-old from Piedmont High School told the news station. "It just is ridiculous." It was one of several such clashes in recent months between police and low-income students in the San Diego area, where high school students in San Diego County have filed several successful lawsuits alleging their civil rights were violated by police officers. The incidents all took place across San Diego County, from Chula Vista to Poway and from Del Mar to Carlsbad. "The law requires schools to provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities," the Chula Vista Unified School District said in a statement the day after incident. "There were certainly no accommodations that they requested for their bus or themselves." Police told the Chula Vista Unified School District they were dispatched to deal with "bicycles and juveniles." "They were concerned about that," one student said, according to KTLA. "They got their lunches from the cafeteria, and they were throwing it in the air." In the Poway incident, which was reported by the San Diego Times-Tribune, three boys Tretinoin 20gm $63.34 - $10.56 Per pill were arrested shortly after an officer spotted them riding a bicycle and they tossed several snacks off the bus. Sgt. Brad Arwood said the officer had probable cause to arrest the boys based on their actions, and that the bus driver did nothing to interfere. As parents arrived with their children, the boys were ordered out of the bus and one was arrested. "When we were riding in the bus we were riding along side, and that's when a police officer came, and he's like 'We saw you riding a bike, what the hell was that?'" student Alyssa Sanchez said. "We weren't doing anything wrong, but then he comes and starts arresting all of us." A video shows the officer telling students to follow him "wherever this bus goes," and a second officer follows him on a bike. In a press conference, Poway Unified School District attorney Matthew Pizzo said he was not aware of the incident, and "it doesn't occur here." "What I would say is if you're at that point you have a reasonable explanation for why you were on some of the public roadways," he said. "We have no choice. It's just common sense that if we have people being riding around on bikes, that they ought to be using shared bikes." The Poway incident comes days after student Gavin Long, 18, fatally shot five officers in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday. Long had posted online messages to say he wanted "start a war." Long's aunt, Shirley Holmes, told KNBC that Long's video messages were "anti-police" and expressed disappointment that he chose school as his first target. "Instead of them trying to solve the problem, he decided to go get another shot," she said. "And when he did that, wanted to kill cops." Watch this video report posted online by KNBC-TV: A group of young men accused robbing a downtown Portland store are charged with several counts of intimidation and second-degree assault after a dramatic police chase that ended in a violent confrontation with officers. The incident unfolded around 2:37 p.m. Tuesday in the corner of Southwest 3rd and Morrison streets when an elderly man was robbed by three men, said Lt. Darrin Murphy, a Portland Police Bureau spokesman. After the robbery, man in his 70s left the store, and he returned pointed a handgun at three men who were waiting outside the store. "One of the men pointed gun at him and threatened to kill him," Murphy said. "Another individual then grabbed Viagra sale uk cheap his phone and fled from the area." Advertisement Police responded and tracked the suspects to a nearby apartment complex off Southwest 3rd Avenue. The suspects were captured minutes Can u get amoxicillin over the counter in the uk later with the help of bystanders. "A car pulled up beside me and the person in front of me was screaming at the top of his lungs that they were in a shooting," said witness Richard Brown. "He was screaming that everybody needs to get out of the area and go to another building." Witnesses said the three men brandished handguns and started banging on the apartment doors to get people come outside. Police said that during the confrontation, they fired multiple shots and knocked over six trash cans.

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